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Root Labs

Funded Startup Seeks Lead Engineer for Data Mining of Code


We are a fully-funded startup building a web-based service for analyzing and searching code. You will be in charge of building a large, distributed computing system for parsing and indexing code for our search engine. We've been creating the code analysis tools for existing customers, and we need you to build the automation framework to help us scale.

We're solving problems that will have a major impact on the software industry. For example, one goal is that independent, open-source authors have a way to get paid for their work. This is not yet another soul-sucking project to mine social networks to create ads!

You'll team up with us to implement solutions to some challenging problems. (But don't worry, you don't already need to be an expert at all of these).

You'll be working with our founder, Nate Lawson, a security expert and lead engineer at several successful startups. He founded Root Labs in 2007 and grew it into a profitable consulting firm focused on designing and analyzing embedded systems and cryptography. Before that, he was an early employee of Cryptography Research, which was recently acquired for $340M. He was the lead engineer for the Blu-ray content protection system called BD+, which was acquired separately for $60M. Even farther back, he invented and built the first network intrusion detection system, ISS RealSecure.


Exceptional at: Good working understanding of: Strong interest in:

We're only interested in people who produce working code and deploy it. This is not a research position involving modeling and R. We're a fast-paced company -- if you run into a problem, it's often best to come up with a heuristic and continue around it. You don't have to implement program analysis tools yourself, but you'll be building tools in Python and C/C++ that analyze the data we've extracted from the code.

This position is full-time and onsite in Oakland, CA. We're not too far from BART and have a nice office. We would consider relocating an excellent candidate. However, you must be a US citizen or legal resident (sorry, we're still too small to handle visa issues).


Interested? Please email the following to:

We'll respond to you within a few days. After this, we'll send you a programming problem that you can do at a time of your choosing. You can probably solve it in an hour. Finally, we'll interview you on the phone and in-person. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds, and we won't waste your time.

Please only contact us if you are representing yourself. No recruiters. If you know someone who might fit this, feel free to tell your friends. Thank you.

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